What is a domain?

The domain is used to identify one or more IP addresses. Also, Google‘s IP address “”. This IP address is in numbers because the search is easy for the search engine to better identify the number than the name. That is why the domain will be used.

This domain name can not be more than 63 characters. .Com, .Net, .Org, .Edu. Etc. are called extensions. The domain name must be combined with the extension.

What is a Domain?

It should be written after the protocol and after the subdomain. The URL is as written below.

ex:-  https://www.google.com (Universal Resource Locator)

         https is Protocol,

        www. is a Subdomain,

       google.com is  Domain and Domain Suffix

What is a WWW?

World Wide Web is a large electronic book. Its pages are stored on different servers in the world. Its pages are connected with “hypertext”. Like the book, we can open an order vice by opening the page we want. The page with the necessary information can be seen as easy. So this is a network, a large network designed for online information.  It contains web pages, text, pictures, audios, videos. Online content is also formatted with HTML and can be accessed with HTTP.

What is WWW?

World Wide Web was founded in 1991 by Team Berners-Lee. This is different for the Internet, the Internet connection is connected to the Internet. We can do this by email or WWW can.

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