How many types of SEO?

Seo is the technique used to make our website more visible in search engines. These are four types of highlights. That’s what we use is White Hat SEO.

  1. ) White Hat SEO
  2. ) Black Hat SEO
  3. ) Grey Hat SEO
  4. ) Negative SEO

How many types of SEO?

White Hat SEO:  This is done according to search engine rules. It works with Google Webmaster’s guides. The result will take longer to appear. So it costs more. Our website has less risk. Provides a lasting and good result over time.

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Black Hat SEO: This technique is required if your website is to be displayed on the search engine quickly. It works against Google Webmaster Tools Rules. It may take very little time for your website to quickly rank. Your website may be blocked anytime. Because Google will alter its algorithm 500-600 times per year. Hence your website will have a high risk.

Grey Hat SEO:  It is combined with black hot and white hats. Hence the search engines will quickly rank. It should be realized that this causes more harm to our website. This can block our website from search engines anytime.

Negative SEO:  It’s also another SEO technique that can cause harm. This can be blocked by our Black Hat or Grey Hat techniques on our computer website and their ranking. In doing so, the web site completely loses its rank.

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